sex trifecta

Duchovny Completes Sex Addiction Treatment:

I wonder what the "treatment" is...?

And I think Tea Leoni might bive *me* a sex addiction too:



Cyrus Approves Of Miley, 15, Dating Man, 20:


Gaston helped celebrate Miley Cyrus' early 16th birthday bash at Disneyland over the weekend

Note to self: if you're questioning whether your 15yo girlfriend is actually mature beyond her years, and suitable for dating you, her choice of birthday venue may provide a hint.


I've never liked sex in the shower- sure, things can get very nice under a gentle warm spray of water but slamming-against-the-wall sex just can not be done-
Too many hard uncomfortable surfaces- too slippery so you can't get any leverage-

The solution?


I think not- I really don't want my obituary to read "Hit head in shower due to suction-cup sex-device failure" :P

i'm tired of normal computing, and i'm tired of government waste

i think my last comparo like this was regarding the National Ignition Facility versus the war spending in Iraq
(you still can't come up with a cooler name than that, by the way)

now, i see that the fastest supercomputer in the world with a demonstrated 1+PetaFLOPS cost only $133M- the Roadrunner

and our "representatives" just approved a $700B suck-off right out of your pocket.


note the M
and note the B
there's something very fucking wrong with that equation...

i'm beginning to understand why academics remain in academia, and tell the real world to fuck off- because it's filled with and ruled by idiots.