Colonel Angus (scosol) wrote,
Colonel Angus

well fuck.

behind the cut, i have no words.

Aunt Jemima had been standing erectly on her shelve right above her
obsession, Mrs. Butterworth. Months of nihilistic viewing of the
monotonous surroundings had left her unfulfilled- yes, very horny indeed!
Day after day, in the shopping hours of Safeway she would stare
down at her, and eye her beautifully shaped maple boobs. Her
mock-conservative dress was waiting to be pulled off, by the hands of her

AUNT JEMIMA! A stream of water dribbled down from the leaking air
conditioner, and a few beads dropped onto Mrs. Butterworth's pulsing hour-
glass figure...Oh, how Aunt Jemima longed for that 1800's fantasy girl!
"Would I want a piece of that sugary ass" she sighed one day, oblivious
to the fact that Butterworth had been listening.
"Likewise to you, fuck-a-roo," was the response. They stared at each
other, and their eyes communicated to one another a desire pent-up
by weeks of sitting among maple-women and no maple-men. The time spent
astray from the object of their primal needs had rewired the sexual
construct of their fragile, maple minds- And the result was 2 lesbians,
ready to take on anything that could fulfill every cubic inch of

Aunt Jemima's veins were throbbing with sexual tension with each step she
took- to the shelf below her. Her eyes were filled with re-
enactments of sexual dreams revolving around a certain maple woman...So
much, in fact, that they failed to tend to a mishap in her stroll-
a puddle of water lay steps in front of her. The first step she took sent
her flying downward, but her collision was shielded by the pleasant
warm armss of Butterworth.
"I never thought you'd come," she said, her deep brown eyes reflecting
immense gratitude.
"I haven't...yet." was her one-minded lollita response.
Their primal instincts needed no foreshadowing; Mrs. Butterworth threw
off her shirt to reveal over 9000 maple tits, dripping with syrup.
"I want it HAAAARRRRRD!!!" she cried, with a thrust of the hand taking
off her lower garments, revealing her aching suggary putang. This
was almost too much for Aunt Jemima to bear. As she stared at Mrs.
Butterworth's soaking, sticky VAGINA to strip of her clothes and to reveal
one equally as wet, Butterworth's
mouth was already pressed up against Jemima's tit, slurping syrup into her
wet mouth. Her tongue triggered a rush of moans on behalf of
Jemima, and the 2 wrestled each other to the ground in a sexual feud.
"Eat me, master..!" pleaded Jemima, her syrupy secretions flooding the
shelf. MRs. Butterworth was all-too ready to submit to her every
demand, as long as she was sexually relieved in the end.
She kneeled down
and plopped her mouth over Butterworth's pussy. Each lap of the
tongue caused orgasmic cries to escape from Jemima's mouth. A delicious
feeling consumed Jemima's body as orgasm became her, and her pussy
propelled gusts of syrup into Butterworth's wanting mouth.
"Get me off, now!!" whimpered Mrs. Butterworth, gesturing to her cunt,
who's secretions had flooded the entire shelf.
"My pleasure," responded Aunt Jemima, dildo in hand.
"How did you make that?" gasped Butterworth.
"Well, a lady's gotta do what a lady's gotta do," was her response,
saturated in sexual undertones. She stooped downward, and gently
urged the dildo into Butterworth's sweet spot. A rush of dark fluids escaped
with each delicious thrust of the toy, and Butterworth cried
for more. Her throat let out an orgasmic groan, and she could not suppress
the joyous scream that followed as a stream of syrup flowed onto
the ground with a splattering smucher. They smiled, and then kissed-
exchanging the mutual taste of maple eat-outs.
In the end, they were both soaked in VAGINAl syrup, and the erotic stench
of maple qeef filled the aisle.

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