Colonel Angus (scosol) wrote,
Colonel Angus

I suppose I can not complain about my weekends

or my weekdays, or anything for that matter-
(hung out with dk yesterday- skipped work and went to the beach in SF with ryan + covi)

last weekend:

in the balls-deep Golden Shower Benzo:


Along with a bunch of friends driving/watching/wrenching/refreshing:


Some ghetto-rigging was served up by Dave:


Because that's how he likes it- fast and dirty-


All in all- good shit^2.

There are only two activities that I engage in where I can really feel the essence come out-
Where every time, no matter how much experience, ego, or powers I possess, I still get the stage-fright butterflies in the stomach-
But then once I dive in?
The chaotic autopilot kicks in and I stop thinking entirely, instead becoming nothing but a bundle of nerve centers, doing what they were made to do.

One of these activities puts me behind the wheel of mechanized madness, the other one involves Mexico and business cards:


Amen brothers.

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