Colonel Angus (scosol) wrote,
Colonel Angus

so- i just watched the new rambo movie.

it is ultraviolent to the point of numbness

it's like the most graphic parts of Braveheart and Saving Private Ryan combined all in to one.
in EVERY scene.
once you get past the rice-paddy landmine olympics and the widescale rape, you're able to see it for what it is- a comedy
the claymore-turned-tunguska-meteor will have you rolling with its mushroom cloud, pressure wave, and pyroclastic flow.
you'll chuckle every time you see a legless englishman gut someone-
you'll snicker every time you see a couple bad guys get misted-
hell, rambo doesn't even do much in this movie-
he must be getting old, as these days he prefers to just let the .50 wail-

whoever made this movie was high as a kite.

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