November 21st, 2008


apparently i'm unintentionally humorous to ghetto and college folk

so- i gave the cat to my mom and she loves him, but she was rightly concerned that he belonged to someone because he's so nice (even though he has no chip, no collar, and isn't fixed)
so i told her i'd put some flyers up in the heighborhood and we'd wait till monday-
someone called within hours- so i'll be retrieving him tomorrow and delivering him back home-

but- well- because he's such a good cat i didn't want him going to some imposter, and because i'm out of toner i didn't want to make a bunch of copies of a flyer, so i just hand-wrote 5 of them-
and because i'm randomlly bored i drew a lame picture of a cat on each of them-

i put 4 of them on various posts, and 1 on the 7-11 where i found him-
this was in the afternoon- when i went to 7-11 5 minutes ago the guy said that almost everyone had been laughing at it and many people were taking pictures of it-

i've been known to draw funny pictures, but maybe my sense of humor is getting twacked-
i took pictures of that lost dog whose pictures were all of him in hilarious costumes, and the found dog whose weight was listed as "???"-
but i just don't get it-
(the one at 7-11 is on the far right)
i guess i should have known when as i was posting the one at 7-11, some guy was laughing- "is that what the cat looks like?"
i said "yes- exactly" :P