November 19th, 2008


need some pussy?

i found him at 7-11, and have tentatively named him "sev-o", and he ll;l./
(that was him typing)
so- i'm hoping my mom will take him- but if not, he's super sweet and does that sucking thing that cats do when they were yanked from mommy too soon and he likes to try to eat my necklace-
check out his crazy circle markings that i didn't even notice until i took a picture of him!


he's orange (superior) and long (build for sport) and would make a fine cat
(he is now curled up in the back half of my laptop case)


i don't know why this makes me laugh so much, but it does-
it might be the visual of somali thugs being quite literally blown out of the water-

A patrolling Indian navy frigate quickly identified the vessel as a "mother ship" — a mobile attack base used to take gangs of pirates and smaller speedboats into deep water — and ordered it to stop and be searched.

"They responded on the offensive and said that they would blow up the Indian naval ship," Commander Nirad Sinha, a navy press officer, told reporters in New Delhi. Then the pirates opened fire.

Navy officials wouldn't say how long the battle Tuesday lasted, but the frigate, the INS Tabar, is a 400-foot war machine, carrying cruise missiles, surface-to-air missiles and six-barreled 30 mm machine guns for close combat, according to the Web site