March 7th, 2008


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Some people dress up for church, others dress up for a date- still others dress up for WalMart.

I dress up for the DMV.

Because if I'm going to be looking at that picture several times per day for a year-or-however-long-it-takes-to-lose-my-license-again I want it to be memorable in some way- so I smile a little on the inside every time I see it.

As such, I was inspired by the Hipster Olympics:

So that means that... TODAY IS FAUXHAWK FRIDAY!
(sad note- I once got a haircut and told the girl to do whatever she wanted- i ended up looking like this, and paid $120 for it)


Side note- WTF is a hipster anyway?
I've heard various friends complaining about them over the years, but I could never figure it out-
Like- one girl carrying a leopard-fur purse calling the other girl with a pink feather boa a "hipster"...
What- weird clothes and a sense of disaffected apathy? Shit I've had that locked up for *years* :P