December 23rd, 2007


merry jesus time and all that

rest assured my subwoofers are pegged @ 11
curious, life is- i don't know whether the current situation requires an open hand or a clenched fist.
perhaps it is telling that my digits are so easily able to flow between the two...
this song defines it
do you know where i travel to when i hear it?
95mph on the bay bridge, my right hand on my kitten's thigh, my left hand on the wheel, with one eye closed so i can see straight...
i can always feel her warmth flowing through me
it triggers an unconscious muscular twitch- that makes me squeeze her a little- as if to make sure she's still real...
when you look at me, know that's where i am-
holding back the fires of hell until i can no longer unclench my fist.
but no worries, my grip is strong and i very much enjoy ejecting champagne bottles out the sun roof :D
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    High Life - Daft Punk