November 15th, 2007


OLPC Bitfrost

(stolen from ioerror)

i've only followed the OLPC project from a distance, and had no idea that so much thought had been put in to the security model-

it's interesting- i see a lot of good ideas, but also a lot of marginal attack vectors due to the complexity of the whole system-
at times i don't think they even know what they're defending against- but it seems all good in theory (at a cursory glance) and safe is better than sorry-
so- i view it as an exercise in a ruthlessly-delivered engineering-driven security model, versus any sort of real-world-affecting solution-
if anyone thinks that a mesh of rogue underpowered systems with the shittiest connectivity on the planet is near the top of the Internet Continuity hotlist, they're sadly mistaken-

also- did i miss something?
i thought these were in the wild ~1month ago, and were already being used for viewing porn from remote African villages